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The simplest way for you to learn and master nail care on-the-go!

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What are Snap Cards? They are a “Training Bootcamp” that helps you with a 'snap' to learn all about nails!

We polled ‘thousands’ of Nail-Care lovers and asked them:

“What’s stopping you in learning how to learn how to master nail care”

The answer that we heard over and over again, (by a huge margin), was this:

“The traditional teaching is too complex!"

... I don't have an easy method to reference back to what I studied when I need it most, so that I can apply it step by step.

Here’s the difficulty.

You invest in good quality training. Maybe it’s a video, eBook, or even a workshop. You study these excellent tools while you’re in the comforts of your home.

But, what happens when your routine no longer satisfies you? 

That's a very real problem...

To solve this dilemma, we pulled together some of the best minds in Nail Care and asked them:

How do we educate new and intermediate-level nail lovers in a fresh and exciting way- that helps them when they need it most, away from their computers, laptops, or without consulting a mentor?

How do we put the training information in front of them in any situation?

The result of this discussion was nothing short of a 'simple' miracle

All we needed now- was the right talent to pull this new and groundbreaking idea together.

Introducing… SnapCards- 50+ Printable key nail care lessons that you can take with you on-the-go!

Instant access.

Wherever you are, these Digital Snap Cards are your own personal Nail Care mentor!

It’s our brand-new secret training method, that will help you learn and master all the most famous techniques to master nail care!

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What people love about us

Instant access.

Nail Structure

Basic Tools

Nails' Shape


Nail Dril

Nail Art and more..

Here’s why the Snap Card system will work wonders for you:

  • Completely Portable Training, so you can Study When and Where (Anywhere) that You Have Time

  • Easy to Understand Graphics. Bright, Colorful, and Easily Understood

  • HUGE Range of Themes and Lessons – Organized, and Color Coded, for Easy Retrieval

  • A professional and educator scrutinized all of the topics and the training concepts for maximum effectiveness

  • The Concepts are explained with Beautiful Examples

  • Each card can be studied in electronic form, and even more importantly, they can be easily printed and taken with you!

  • Lost one of your cards? No problem! Just print out another one…

  • Pick and Choose Your Lessons at Will

  • Covers a Wide Range of Topics From Beginner to Intermediate Levels

  • It’s Like having a Mentor at Your Side (at any time you want and need it)

  • Not 1 - Not 10 - but 50+ Fantastic and Relevant “SNAP! Worksheet ”Lessons That Will Kick Off Your Training In High Gear - Why? Because you will have them with YOU when you need them most!

  • They are easy to laminate for increased durability. You could actually pour water onto them after lamination!

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Is this a file download, or will i receive the printed cards in the mail?

  • You will be receiving a downloadable PDF file of the cards, for you to print out at home. This means you can access them anytime anywhere, and you don’t have to worry about losing them

    In just MINUTES from right now… You could be well on your way to taking your knowledge to the next level. No need to wait for shipping!: Stereo Mini Jack

Why are these printable, what does it means?

Be honest – How many times have you downloaded a guide and never actually read it?

We’ve found that printing materials ensures you actually go on to read the content. Simply put– if you print it out, you are far more likely to take action, and get RESULTS. That’s important to us.

Are the Snap Cards designed for beginners?

Yup! These cards are specifically designed to cater to beginner and intermediate people. If you are a beginner, these cards will give you a great reference material. If you're more of an intermediate skill level, we certainly have plenty of cards to help you out.

Is there a guarantee?

Due to the digital nature of this product no returns, exchanges, or cancellations will be accepted. If you have any issues with the file, please let us know and we will do our best to resolve the issue. Please contact us if you have any problems with your purchase.

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